Formerly "Peach Tree" in the Centre South Shopping Center, some interior work was needed as you can see below.  The half-walls are down, holes are patched, and walls are starting to get some fresh paint. 

As you look at our pictures and see Crescent Armory begin to take shape, it would be great to start getting some input from you on what you are most looking forward to seeing on the shelves at Crescent Armory.  Please leave some comments on our Facebook page or on our Blog "Stocking Crescent Armory".  After all, supplying your needs is one of our primary focuses.

Before pictures.  Wallpaper for a gun store?- No. 
Lots of construction debris.  You can see the gray paint going up in this picture.  Things are coming along. 
As we stock our store, let us know what are you looking forward to seeing and getting your hands on at Crescent Armory.  Please comment below to let us know.  Also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for more comments and updates...
We will be carrying Smith and Wesson, Savage, Ruger, Remington, Winchester, Glock, Marlin, Springfield, Mossberg, Bersa, Kel-tec, Browning, Sig Sauer, CZ, and others as we seek to build the largest inventory of any gun store in Aiken County.  Weigh in with some specific manufacturers, models, accessories, and ammunition that are among you favorites with a comment below...Thanks for your input.