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"Two Aiken natives have opened a gun store on the city’s south side that they say reinvents the gun store model.

Crescent Armory, located at 744 Silver Bluff Road, will open its doors on Tuesday. Co-owners John Speer and Wilson Miles grew up in Aiken and then moved away..."

Read the entire article: Aiken natives open gun store | Aiken Standard



07/28/2014 8:11pm

Will you have .22 LR, and if so, is there a limit on sales? Thanks!

12/07/2014 12:28pm

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11/03/2015 9:29am

The point to notice is Two Aiken natives have opened a gun store Crescent Armory. The idea of the gun store is really cool. Plus the thing is Aiken natives, they are such a good and peaceful person. I love their place and all around it. The blog is really interesting and is more news sort of thing.

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